How to Repair a Shut Off Valve in Plumbing?

Answer House shutoff valves are usually below the lowest outlet from the water line---in most cases, either an inside or outside faucet. Their purpose is to either close off or open water and to access al... Read More »

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How to Repair a Shut Off Valve?

Shutoff valves are in a variety of locations in a home or business, under sinks and toilets, in basements and utility closets and outside. They are generally sturdy hardware, but over time leaks ca... Read More »

How To Check & Repair a Brass Plumbing Valve?

Brass plumbing valves--or shut-off valves--are usually soldered into the house's main water supply line. When turned off, they stop all water from reaching any household water fixtures (showers, to... Read More »

How to Repair a Sink Shut-off Valve?

The sink shut-off valve is located beneath (as the name implies) your sink. These valves allow you to stop the flow of water to the sink without interrupting the water supply for the rest of your h... Read More »

What is a plumbing diverter valve?

In plumbing, a "diverter valve" refers to any device designed to change the direction of flow of liquids. For example, many bathtub spouts have diverter valves to change water flow to the shower.Re... Read More »