How to Repair a Rearview Mirror?

Answer A damaged rearview mirror can potentially create an annoying and dangerous situation. When you drive, you need to have all eyes on the road; your rearview mirror allows you to see what's behind you... Read More »

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How to Fix a Rearview Mirror?

Rear view mirrors are attached to the windshield with an epoxy-based adhesive. Over time and heat cycling from the weather, the adhesive will lose grip, and the mirror will fall off the windshield.... Read More »

How to Glue Your Rearview Mirror?

Reattaching a rearview mirror is a relatively simple task that requires only patience, attention to detail and specialized, inexpensive adhesive that is available at most auto-supply stores. The wi... Read More »

How to Reattach Rearview Mirror?

The rearview mirror is secured with special rearview mirror glue purchased as a kit at any auto-parts store. It's the only type of adhesive that will work, because the adhesive is exposed to ultrav... Read More »

How to Replace a Car Rearview Mirror?

The rear-view mirror in most vehicles is held up by a special glue that bonds to the windshield and supports the weight of the mirror. Over time, the glue will dry and weaken, causing it to lose th... Read More »