How to Repair a Peerless Toilet Tank?

Answer Peerless toilets are easy for anyone to repair. The most common problem with Peerless toilets is water continually running from the tank into the bowl. If you notice this with your toilet, the flap... Read More »

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DIY Toilet Tank Repair?

It's always a good thing when you learn to repair things. Not only do you save money by not calling a repairman, but you learn something new that might help you in the future. DIYers (Do It Yoursel... Read More »

How to Repair a Crack in a Toilet with a Leaky Tank?

The toilet tank is the part of the tank that holds water before you press the flush handle. After the handle is pressed, the water rushes out of the tank and into the bowl, carrying away the sewage... Read More »

Toilet Tank Repair: How to Attach the Riser Tube to the Water Supply?

Older toilet riser tubes are plastic or metal, while more modern versions are flexible, braided hoses. All do the same job of providing a supply line from the water shut-off valve to the toilet tan... Read More »

How to Repair a Delta Peerless Faucet?

A Delta or Peerless faucet takes just about an hour to repair, if you have experience repairing faucets. The repair is similar to most modern faucet repairs, because these faucets utilize an inner ... Read More »