How to Repair a Parking Brake?

Answer The parking brake prevents a car from moving when it is parked. The brake is a vital component of a vehicle and requires constant care. A brake will begin to fail when the rubber hose covering the ... Read More »

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How To Repair Parking Brake Shoes?

When a car is not stopping as fast as it used to or when the parking brake seems to be losing its power, it could be time to replace your brake shoes. The parking brake, or emergency brake, is usua... Read More »

How to Use a Parking Brake?

The parking brake mechanism in your car is a simple device. When applied, it extends the rear shoes or contracts the rear pads (depending on what type of rear brakes you have) and holds the weight ... Read More »

How to Set a Parking Brake?

A parking brake, also called an emergency brake or hand brake, is a brake separate from the hydraulic braking system on the car. It is meant to stop a vehicle from roll-away accidents after it is s... Read More »

What Is a Parking Brake Equalizer?

Emergency (or parking) brakes work as a secondary system to the standard brakes used on a daily basis. They are controlled by a physical system and regulated by an equalizer.