How to Repair a Panasonic Rear Projection TV?

Answer Your Panasonic rear projection TV can fall prey to a number of common problems such as misplaced RCA cables and incorrectly configured video inputs. But its screen technology makes the device parti... Read More »

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How do you realign Panasonic 53 inch rear projection TV?

Most CRT-style projection TV's have an alignment / focus procedure accessed by the remote control or through buttons on the set itself.

How do you adjust convergence on Panasonic rear projection tv PT51642V?

PT51642V is the model of your Panasonic remote control, not your TV. If you Improve your question to note the model of TV you have, we can help.

GIVEN 50" MITZUBITZI REAR PROJECTION T.V., CAN SEE IMAGE BURNT ON SCREEN WHILE WATCHING,HOW DO i REPAIR?…This question may have been asked before see the above link.If the picture is burnt into the screen you either need to replace the front plastic panel or ... Read More »

What is better front projection or rear projection TV?