How to Repair a Paint Transfer on a Car?

Answer The intense friction that occurs when a car swipes another surface can generate a great amount of heat. Often this can cause paint to rub off the surface and become baked onto the automobile's fini... Read More »

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Repair of a Transfer Case?

A transfer case delivers power to the rear wheels in 4-wheel-drive vehicles. The case is connected to the transmission and the front and rear axles by drive shafts. The majority of modern transfer ... Read More »

How to Repair a Dodge Ram Transfer Case?

Dodge Ram transfer cases attach to the bolts on the rear portion of the transmission. Vehicle owners who want a four-wheel drive that works well must take good care of their transfer case. Accordin... Read More »

How to Buff or Rub Out Transfer Paint on a Car?

Paint transfers on cars occur when another painted object---such as another vehicle, wall or fence---rubs against the car and leaves behind a streak of its own paint. This can happen during a fende... Read More »

How to Remove Paint Transfer After an Auto Accident?

From time to time, we all make contact with inanimate objects in our cars. The damage can range from a total loss to a small scuff. The less-drastic impacts result in paint transferring from the ob... Read More »