How to Repair a Motorcycle Headlight?

Answer Many motorcycles have a similar disadvantage when compared to cars--having only one headlight. If it goes out, you're out of luck. Only a single bulb is between you and a total lack of visibility. ... Read More »

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How to Change the Bulb on a VTX Motorcycle Headlight?

Honda VTX motorcycle headlights traditionally contained bulbs with a very short life. So, a common repair for these bikes is the replacement of their headlight bulbs. The headlight assembly is easy... Read More »

How to Remove Scratches From a Motorcycle Glass Headlight?

Well-maintained headlights are essential for a driver's safety. When they become worn and scratched, they can become discolored or develop a film on the exterior of the glass. If this happens, it c... Read More »

I am troubleshooting headlight bulb on vstar motorcycle?

Ground is one wire and used for high & low beam.That could be the problem.We're just guessing here.…Test if battery voltage is getting to the bulb.Then tes... Read More »

Replacement Instructions for a Honda Motorcycle Headlight?

Honda motorcycles have either a bucket-style headlight shell or a reflector assembly in which the headlight bulb is placed. Removing and replacing a burnt-out bulb is not difficult, but some disass... Read More »