How to Repair a Mopar Wiper Arm?

Answer Mopar wiper arms are a lot like other wiper arms in one sense: They don't offer much opportunity to troubleshoot once something goes wrong with them. The arm itself latches into your vehicle's wipe... Read More »

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DIY: Windshield Wiper Repair?

It seems as though windshield wipers always stop working when you need them the most. If you want to repair your own wipers, you need to start by diagnosing the problem. It could be the wiring, a f... Read More »

How to Repair a Cadillac Wiper Arm?

The two most common issues afflicting a windshield wiper arm on a Cadillac vehicle are the wiper fuse, which can be replaced in a matter of minutes, and the connection between the wiper arm and the... Read More »

How to Repair Wiper Blades?

When your vehicle's wiper blades become deteriorated, you will likely hear it. Once the rubber insert becomes degraded enough, it will make a dull scraping noise against the windshield. You will al... Read More »

How to Repair the Wiper Motor Control?

Your car or truck's wiper blades are controlled by a single motor, usually mounted on the driver's side wheel well. If your wiper blades stop working there is a good chance the wiper motor has gone... Read More »