How to Repair a Micrometer Lock Ring?

Answer A micrometer is a device used for measuring short distances — and like almost any piece of equipment you use over a long period, it may degenerate and need repair. If there are reading errors or ... Read More »

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Is there a vinyl repair that will hold up the air pressure of the ring on an easy set pool ring?

Answer I assume you have a leak - yes you can use a standard repair patch on it usually a vinyl pool comes with a repair kit but just go to your local pool supply place and pick up a vinyl repair k... Read More »

How to Repair a Car Door Lock?

Everything mechanical on a car eventually breaks, and this includes the locks. While you could take your car into the shop and pay to have the lock replaced, this is one repair that you can do your... Read More »

Car Power Lock Repair?

The technological capabilities of cars are advancing at a rapid pace. Many new vehicles have power locks and they can malfunction over time. You can fix your power lock in your driveway or garage a... Read More »

Cylinder Lock Repair?

If your ignition key is stuck in the lock cylinder of your vehicle, then there is very little that you can do to actually repair the lock cylinder mechanism so that it works properly. You will firs... Read More »