How to Repair a Micrometer Lock Ring?

Answer A micrometer is a device used for measuring short distances — and like almost any piece of equipment you use over a long period, it may degenerate and need repair. If there are reading errors or ... Read More »

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Is there a vinyl repair that will hold up the air pressure of the ring on an easy set pool ring?

Answer I assume you have a leak - yes you can use a standard repair patch on it usually a vinyl pool comes with a repair kit but just go to your local pool supply place and pick up a vinyl repair k... Read More »

How to Repair a Broken Key While It's in the Lock?

You've broken your key off while in the lock. Now what?

How to Repair a Schlage Lock?

If you have one of the common pin-tumbler locks in a doorknob in your home, there is a good chance it is made by Schlage, one of the world's most popular lock companies. Should the lock become dama... Read More »

How to Repair a Toolbox Lock?

Like your front door the lock on your toolbox uses a key. The key's teeth hit a series of pins inside the lock's tumbler. This allows the lock to turn and disengage, allowing you to open the toolbo... Read More »