How to Repair a Leak in the Transmission Fluid Pan?

Answer Transmission fluid is a reddish color, which differentiates it from oil. Transmission fluid leaks can originate from various places in the transmission. The most common source of leaks is the pan t... Read More »

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How to Fix a Transmission Fluid Leak?

For cars 75,000 miles or over, the likelihood of a crack forming in the seals around your transmission is more likely. After the cracks form, a slow leakage of the transmission fluid (red or brown... Read More »

Transmission Fluid Leak Symptoms?

The possibility of transmission problems strikes fear into the hearts of most car owners. Horror tales of thousands of dollars in repairs and shoddy work cause some people to delay having their car... Read More »

How to Check for a Transmission Fluid Leak in Your Vehicle?

Transmission fluid lubricates the moving components inside your transmission. In an automatic transmission, this pressurized fluid acts as a coolant and transfers power from the engine to the trans... Read More »

What Causes a Transmission Fluid Leak in a Dodge Caravan?

When new, a Dodge Caravan transmission should not leak. However, all mechanical parts eventually wear out, and the transmission in a Doge Caravan is no different. Coolant-line fittings may come loo... Read More »