How to Repair a Lamppost?

Answer Lampposts that are installed outdoors and exposed to the elements can start to develop rust over time. When a lamppost has rusted you will need to repair it by removing the rust and then reconditio... Read More »

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Who invented the lamppost?

How tall is a lamppost?

How much does a gas lamppost cost per year?

A year's worth of natural gas consumed by a gas lamp will cost approximately $97.92. This figure uses the following numbers: 2.1 cubic feet per hour, which equates to 1,512 cubic feet per month. At... Read More »

How to Draw a Street Lamppost?

This article would benefit from illustrations. You can help wikiHow by adding illustrations to this article. Click here for instructions. Notice added on 2011-06-09.This drawn street is dark! It's ... Read More »