How to Repair a LAN Connection for a Laptop?

Answer If you own a laptop computer and are having trouble with your wired or wireless local area network connection, you can use tools present in the Windows operating system to repair that connection in... Read More »

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How to Repair a Wireless Connection to a Laptop?

One of the Windows operating system's many built-in networking tools is its ability to "repair" a network connection. This involves your operating system disabling the network connection, analyzing... Read More »

Can you set up a wireless connection on a laptop while using a hard wired connection?

You can configure your wireless connection while you are connected to a LAN line. But once you have it set up, make sure you disconnect one or the other for optimum performance. Having two connecti... Read More »

Can i use my laptop as a wireless router and transmit the internet connection wirelessly to another laptop?

It can be done fairly easily in Windows XP. There is a detailed guide on Microsoft's website:…

Can anyone help with tv tuner (Dell) and laptop connection does laptop have to stay on alltime to record?

The computer needs to be on all the time to record TV programs you can burn them onto a DVD I use Nero 7.0 to do that. Hope this helps