How to Repair a Kicked Door Jam?

Answer The repair work required to secure your home after a break in adds insult to injury. Add to that the out of pocket expense for having the work done, which may or may not be reimbursed by your insur... Read More »

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Who is responsible to repair a front door on a rental property that was kicked in by the police?

The suspect is responsible. The cops are not responsible, nor should they ever be. If the suspect is convicted, the landlord may be able to get victim’s compensation.

How to Fix a Kicked-in Door Jamb?

When a door is kicked in, security becomes an issue. Making repairs quickly and effectively is the only way to ensure a return to security. Making the repairs is typically an easy process and your ... Read More »

Is a kicked in front door by kids covered by renters insurance?

My fiancee was busted by the Feds at my house and they kicked in my front door! My wife is going to be angry!?

That's to bad about your fiancee being overweight.The government is only good at messing things up,not fixing them.August 27th?That's 2 days after UFC 74.