How to Repair a Jeep Cherokee Liftgate?

Answer After years of constantly being opened and closed, the liftgate on a Jeep Cherokee will begin to wear out. The liftgate is supported by two hydraulic arms to keep the door in the air when opened. O... Read More »

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Jeep Cherokee Rear Liftgate Does Not Open?

If the rear liftgate on your Jeep Cherokee will not open, one or several issues may be responsible. None of them are too complicated or time consuming to remedy, however.

How to Install a Cherokee Liftgate?

If you have an older Jeep Cherokee and the stock liftgate has become rusty, you should install a new liftgate to improve the overall appearance of your vehicle. You may also need to replace the lif... Read More »

How to Repair a Jeep Cherokee Window?

Taking on a car repair job can be scary, but not if it's an easy one, like repairing a window. If your Jeep Cherokee has a cracked window, for instance, all you need are some supplies and free time... Read More »

How to Repair a Heater Core in a Jeep Cherokee?

Repairing or replacing the heater core on a Jeep Cherokee is a complicated procedure, and might be best left to a professional. However, it can be done with basic hand tools, provided the mechanic... Read More »