How to Repair a Hole in an Exhaust?

Answer An exhaust on a vehicle is made up of several different sections that transport used combustion gasses from the vehicle's engine to the back or side of the vehicle (tailpipe). The pipes incorporate... Read More »

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How to Repair a Hole in an Exhaust Pipe?

A vehicle exhaust system carries toxic fumes generated by the engine away from the passenger compartment. When an exhaust system leaks, exhaust fumes can flood into the passenger compartment, along... Read More »

How to Cut an Exhaust Hole on a Fiberglass Bumper?

Many aftermarket ground effect or bumper kits that are constructed out of fiberglass will come without an opening for the exhaust pipe to fit through. This is because many aftermarket pipes are odd... Read More »

Can a hole in the exhaust pipe make a bad smell?

A hole in the exhaust pipe can create a very strong exhaust smell within the cabin. If you smell exhaust in the cabin with the windows closed, it is imperative to have your car looked at: Carbon mo... Read More »

How to Repair a Hole in an Oil Pan?

Because the oil pan in your vehicle is the lowest hanging part on the engine, it's possible to damage it when going too fast or if you hit an odd-shaped object in the road. When the oil pan gets a ... Read More »