How to Repair a Handycam Tape Jam?

Answer Handycam tapes come in various formats. Although MiniDV is the most widely used, older formats include Digital8, Hi8 and Video8. These tapes are not very different from each other in physical assem... Read More »

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How to Import From a HandyCam Tape?

Importing footage from a handycam tape to the computer requires a playback device, which can be the handycam used to shoot the video, another handycam compatible for playback of the tape or an appl... Read More »

My handycam DCR-HC28E 's tape blocked whtshould i do ?

Try one of these fixes:Open the tape cover fully until it clicks open.Turn the camcorder on to "VCR Mode."With the cover still open and the camera in "VCR mode," take out the battery.Put the batter... Read More »

Can I tape and download a video with my camera Sony Handycam?

Record...1. Snab some video editing software. Windows Movie Maker will do just fine if you don't want to spend money.2. How you download from your camera to your computer is plugging in a little c... Read More »

How can I convert my steadyshot handycam tape onto my laptop and what happens if I push the reset button?

Tape based cameras need Firewire, some laptops have them some dont, you can get an express card that will fit in the small slot on the side of your laptop (if you have it) like thishttp://www.amazo... Read More »