How to Repair a Flat Tire on a Bike?

Answer For cyclists, flat tires are a part of life. You should not fear flat tires. As long as you are prepared at home and on the road, changing flats becomes easier the more often you do it. Taking the ... Read More »

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How Fix a Flat Bike Tire?

A flat bicycle tire can ruin even the best summer cruise or commute to work. Having the skills and knowledge to change a tire can make a bicycle ride less stressful.

How to Ride a Bike With a Flat Tire?

Well, you didn't notice it in the garage, and now you're halfway to your destination on a flat tire. Bravo. Plan your strategy before this happens to you and you can possibly manage to make it to y... Read More »

How to Fix a Flat Tire on a Dirt Bike?

While flat tires don't occur as often with dirt bikes as they do with automobiles, the skills to fix them are just as important. Any tire that is ridden on flat for a very extensive amount of time ... Read More »

How to Fix a Flat Tire Using a Tire Repair Kit?

A nail will puncture any type of tire. The rubber poses little barrier for a nail or screw. You typically will only notice a nail or screw in your tire when it goes flat. You should visually inspec... Read More »