How to Repair a Cut in a Vinyl Soft Top?

Answer Most convertible cars come with tops that are made of vinyl, which is easy to fold when the top is placed in the lowered position. One of the problems with vinyl tops, however, is that the vinyl ca... Read More »

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How Do You Repair Vinyl?

Vinyl is used to create a variety of items, including car seat covers, restaurant booths, pool liners, air mattresses and waterbeds. Though vinyl is a strong material that holds up well during use,... Read More »

How to Repair a Jeep Soft Top?

Repairing a Jeep soft top is an endeavor in frugality of both money and time. Jeep soft tops can cost upwards of $600 to replace whereas a repair can be done for a small fraction of that price or f... Read More »

How to Repair Vinyl & Rubber?

Vinyl is a synthetic material found in a range of items from wallpaper to upholstery. Rubber is another common material found in many common objects. When you have something with components made of... Read More »

How to Repair Dashboard Vinyl?

There are many methods of repairing holes and cracks on a vinyl dashboard. Different techniques are best suited to different sized cracks. For cracks less than 2", one can use epoxy or metal fill... Read More »