How to Repair a Clear Coating on a Vehicle?

Answer The clear coat on a vehicle is the coat of paint that is on top of the base color coat of paint. The clear coat protects the color coat from harmful UV rays and other elements that can cause it to ... Read More »

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Do It Yourself: Clear Coating on Boats?

Boats, because of their constant exposure to UV light, water and the many chemicals in some bodies of water, are susceptible to hull fading. To help return a faded hull to its original luster, a cl... Read More »

What is the thick clear coating used on bar tops?

The clear protective barrier covering bar tops is a two-part epoxy that is set in layers. The first layer seals the wooden top and the successive 1/8-inch layers add thickness and dimension to the ... Read More »

The Advantages of Clear Coating on Trucks?

A clear coating on a vehicle creates a protective film over the base layer of paint. This is particularly useful on trucks that, due to their commercial purpose, are used almost continually and in ... Read More »

How to Make a Wall Collage With a Clear Coating?

A wall collage allows you to add a personal touch to a room using images that entertain you or invoke positive feelings. Wall collages may be affixed directly to the wall or they may be mounted on... Read More »