How to Repair a Chrysler Town & Country With Rust?

Answer When rust forms on your Chrysler Town and Country minivan, it is important to act quickly. Rust will spread unless it is properly removed. Removing small rust when it first appears should be a part... Read More »

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How to Repair the Window Regulator on a 2000 Chrysler Town & Country?

If the window regulator on your 2000 Chrysler Town and Country stops working correctly you will be unable to open and close the corresponding window. If this occurs you should remove your door pane... Read More »

How to Repair Corroded Heater Hose in a Chrysler Town & Country?

The No. 1 cause of a corroded heater hose is a lapse in cooling system maintenance. Chrysler recommends that you inspect or replace the Town & Country's heater hoses every 7,500 miles and flush the... Read More »

What does SWB mean in a Chrysler Town& Country?

SWB, when referring to the Chrysler Town and Country van, or its Dodge Caravan twin, stands for short wheelbase. The alternative to the SWB version is the LWB version. LWB stands for long wheelbase... Read More »

What does SWB mean on a Chrysler Town& Country?

For the Chrysler Town & Country minivan, and for most vehicles with models available in more than one length, SWB means "short-wheelbase." Wheelbase is the distance from the center of the front wh... Read More »