How to Repair a Car Audio Amp?

Answer There are several reasons why your car audio amplifier would stop working. Essentially, the majority of the problems are with the amplifier failing to turn on and off. Due to the amount of wires as... Read More »

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Audio Repair Tips?

Modern audio sound systems are modular, with different components for each function. The receiver tunes in radio signals; the amplifier creates strong current to power the speakers; an equalizer ba... Read More »

How to Repair Corrupt Audio Files?

If you have an audio file on your computer that does not play as it should, the file might be corrupt. While not all corrupt audio file are candidates for repair, many damaged audio files in the po... Read More »

How to Repair Your Polk Audio Speaker?

Repairing your Polk Audio speakers can seem like a very challenging task, particularly if you have never done any technical work on audio equipment before. However, many of the steps taken to fix c... Read More »

If you use a digital optical audio cable do you need to use the standard audio cord as well For surround sound?

Digital optical audio cable can carry data to decoder-enabled devices in a few formats; Dolby DTS is one of many such formats. Some of these can carry surround sound. Besides, optical is digital, ... Read More »