How to Repair a Body Fender?

Answer Removing a dent from an automotive body fender can be attempted by a non-professional if that person has basic knowledge of sanding and painting. However, some repairs are too difficult to attempt ... Read More »

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DIY Car Body & Fender Primer?

Priming a car is a major step before actually painting the car. A good coat of primer is one of the key ingredients of having a great paint job on any vehicle. Priming a car follows the exact same ... Read More »

How to Do Body & Fender Work?

If you car has been in an accident there is a cheap and easy way to make the repair and it will have your car looking almost like new. Doing your own body and fender work can save thousands of doll... Read More »

How to Repair an ATV Fender?

Their are usually four fenders on an ATV (all-terrain vehicle). The fenders on most ATVs are plastic, so repairing them is somewhat simple. You need fenders on your ATV because without them, rocks,... Read More »

How to Do Auto Body & Fender Repairs?

The body of an automobile is often made from metal, which can become dented or scratched. The body can become damaged from impact from an accident or from normal wear and tear. Fenders are subject ... Read More »