How to Repair a Bathroom Tub Drain?

Answer Repairing a bathtub drain isn't the difficult job it seems. The visible part of the drain in the tub, also called the flange, is connected to the drainage pipe underneath the tub by means of a thre... Read More »

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DIY Bathroom Sink Drain?

Installing a bathroom sink drain is an excellent project for the DIYer looking to get their hands (excuse the expression) wet. Installing a drain doesn't involve any running water, so there's littl... Read More »

How do I clean a bathroom drain?

Poke and PlungeRemove the plug from the drain or lift the stopper, then remove any hair or debris from around the opening. If there is a strainer on the tub or shower drain, remove the strainer by ... Read More »

How do you unclogg a bathroom drain?

Mine does this ALL the time. It could be from hair getting stuck down there, so if possible try to clear it out. At any rate, use baking soda and vinegar (an all natural way to clean the drains!)St... Read More »

How do I seal a bathroom sink drain?

Prepare SinkWipe down both the sink drain hole and the underside, or seat, of the sink drain ring with a clean cloth. Ensure both surfaces are clean and dry for a tight, lasting seal.Dry RunAssembl... Read More »