How to Repair a Bath Spout?

Answer Several things can malfunction on a bath spout. The spout can develop leaks, or the diverter may not work correctly. Bath spout problems can usually be repaired by cleaning the spout, or replacing ... Read More »

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How do I connect a bath faucet spout?

Pull Spout OffCheck the bottom of the old spout for a set screw. If there is one, loosen it and pull the spout off. If the spout has no set screw, the spout is threaded on the pipe. Twist the spout... Read More »

When replacing a Price Pfister bath spout do I need to stay with the same brand?

There is no need to stay with Price Pfister when replacing a tub spout. Practically every tub spout has 1/2-inch pipe threading, so you will be able to install any faucet of the same size in your b... Read More »

How to Repair a Bath Tub?

It is not uncommon for bathtubs to develop cracks or chips on the surface. A crack or chip not only looks bad, but may increase the risk of damage to the tub because cracks can spread over time. Cr... Read More »

How to Repair an Acrylic Bath Tub?

Refinishing an acrylic bathtub is a less expensive option than replacing it. Whether the bathtub is scratched, cracked or just worn, it is possible to repair it with an acrylic repair kit. You can ... Read More »