How to Repair a 2003 Honda Civic Back Window?

Answer Auto glass can be both a blessing and a curse. It is what allows you to see out of your vehicle, but it can be fragile. The back window of a vehicle is generally less likely to be broken than the f... Read More »

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How to Repair a Power Window on a 2004 Honda Civic?

Issues that occur with your Civic's power windows can be caused by simple wear and tear from use and age, or by a short in the wiring. It is important to make sure that you locate the source of the... Read More »

How Do I Replace the Back Brake Shoes on a 2003 Honda Civic?

The 2003 Honda Civic uses a drum brake system on the rear wheels to stop the vehicle. The part of the system that presses against the drum and experiences the most wear is the brake shoe. You need ... Read More »

How to Fix the Window on a 1998 Honda Civic?

A broken window in your 1998 Honda Civic not only damages the look of your vehicle, but can also put it at risk for becoming further damaged by weather or by potential thieves. To prevent this you ... Read More »

How to Install a New Window for a Honda Civic?

A new window in your Honda Civic may mean changing the glass itself, replacing the window regulator that holds the glass or both. You need to install new window glass if the current glass is cracke... Read More »