How to Repair Windshield Pits?

Answer While smaller chips in a windshield, known as "pits," may not pose a risk of turning into cracks, they can be dangerous if they obscure your vision. You can repair windshield pits with a special re... Read More »

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How to Repair a Windshield?

Unfortunately, damage to a windshield is a very common occurrence. The usual suspect is a rock or pebble that is kicked up by another car on the highway, but there can be many culprits. Damage to y... Read More »

DIY Windshield Repair?

Windshields are one of the most exposed parts of a car, and as a result, most likely to be damaged while on the road. All it takes is one truck to kick up a well-placed rock, and the windshield wil... Read More »

Windshield Repair Kit Instructions?

The windshield is a crucial part of your car as it protects you from the elements and provides a clear, open field of vision while driving. If your windshield suffers damage like a crack or chip, r... Read More »

How to Repair Rust on a Windshield?

Rust is a corrosion of metal. When metal becomes wet, it corrodes from the moisture if it remains wet for a long period of time. Rust corrosion on cars can spread to the windshields, creating rough... Read More »