How to Repair Water in the Headlight Lens of a Nissan Quest?

Answer If water is getting into your headlight assemblies on your Nissan Quest, you need to repair them at once or risk having an electrical failure in the assembly. Fortunately, repairing a water leak is... Read More »

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How to Repair a Headlight Lens?

As the years go by your headlight lenses can become yellow and foggy from wear. If you hang onto your car long enough, you will come to a point where the performance of your headlights is affected ... Read More »

DIY: How to Repair a Headlight Lens?

If your car is a few years old, it may have a yellowing and pitted headlight that makes it difficult to see at night. Replacing the headlight is an expensive option, and having it professionally cl... Read More »

How to Repair & Polish Headlight Lens?

Repairing hazy or dull headlights can be accomplished quickly and with limited supplies. Changing your own headlights can also result in monetary savings. Rather than purchasing new headlights, the... Read More »

How to Repair a Foggy Headlight Lens?

Fogged headlights are not only a cosmetic problem on your vehicle, but they also become a safety hazard. If left untreated, fogged headlights will begin to affect the performance of the headlight. ... Read More »