How to Repair Vinyl That has Scraped Loose in a Vehicle?

Answer A car can easily look old and worn before its time if the vinyl molding becomes loose or cracks develop in the dashboard. Neglecting the problem runs the risk of further damage. Repairing the inter... Read More »

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If you have liability insurance only in a no-fault state and you were rear-ended and vehicle totalled who pays for the replacement or repair of the vehicle?

%DETAILS%%FOLLOWUPS% Answer Michigan's no fault law is really a pain. If you only had liability insurance, even if you weren't at fault, you're responsible for the damages to your vehicle. If the o... Read More »

How to Remove Vinyl Letters From a Vehicle?

Removing vinyl letters and graphics from a vehicle can be a tedious, time-consuming process. Fortunately, it can be done safely and successfully with the right tools and patient attention. While a ... Read More »

How to Clean a Vinyl Vehicle Interior?

Vinyl interior makes a car seem vintage. Vinyl is durable and can be easily maintained with the right cleaning products. Most people think they can use anything to clean vinyl, but regular soap or... Read More »

How to Remove Paint From a Vehicle's Vinyl Trim?

If your car's paint was applied with the vinyl trim still attached, it is highly likely that a few flecks of overspray now adorn it. Scrubbing with paint won't get it off. Paint removers will damag... Read More »