How to Repair Underground Sprinklers?

Answer Most sprinklers are buried underground and use water pressure to rise above the surface. While underground sprinklers are generally well protected from damage, they are not immune to being run over... Read More »

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How to Repair a Broken Underground Water Line?

A broken underground water line can be very costly and messy to repair. Here's a shortcut that has none of those disadvantages.

How underground is the london underground?

Unless the smell of brimstone permeates the atmosphere I'd say not all that deep.

How to Buy Lawn Sprinklers?

After you have put time, money, and energy into preparing and sowing your lawn, you will want to be sure you take care of it by fertilizing and watering the lawn as needed. You can always water you... Read More »

Who invented fire sprinklers?

British inventor John Carey is credited with the invention of automatic fire sprinklers in 1806. Carey's system was comprised of a pipe with several valves held by counterweights attached by string... Read More »