How to Repair Time Zone in Microsoft Outlook?

Answer Microsoft Office Outlook uses the Coordinated Universal Time plus the current time zone as specified by the user. For example, the time zone in Washington state or Las Vegas would be determined as ... Read More »

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How to Update the Microsoft Office Outlook Time Zone Data Tool?

The Microsoft Office Outlook time zone data tool is the piece of software that automatically detects and changes your clock during daylight savings or adjusts the time for your time zone. Having an... Read More »

Can you put a time limit on an email in Microsoft Outlook?

You can set a time limit on Outlook emails by setting the message to expire on a specific date and time. Once the message expires the recipient can still view the message header, but is unable to r... Read More »

Microsoft Outlook Compared to Microsoft Outlook Express?

Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express are both email programs, but they function differently. Outlook is more robust and is often used in a business setting where users connect to a central server ... Read More »

Microsoft Outlook 2007& Outlook 2003 compatible?

Yes. Microsoft Outlook 2007 and 2003 are both compatible. When using 2007, compatibility mode kicks in automatically when a file is opened that was originally saved in an old format. Also if you at... Read More »