How to Repair Steel Cable?

Answer Steel cable, also called wire rope, has uses in many facets of the automobile, industrial and construction industries. Wound steel cable, because of its strength, has uses for lifting heavy objects... Read More »

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How to Make an Eye Splice in Steel Cable?

Eye splices are typically used in rigging ships and boats. They are called eye splices because they result in a loop that looks like a teardrop or an eye. There are probably a half dozen variations... Read More »

How strong is 4mm stainless steel cable?

A 4 mm stainless steel cable has a work load limit of 194 kgs. It is a flexible cable that can withstand a relatively high work load limit and is used in various applications.Source:Techni-Cable: 4... Read More »

How to Install Steel Cable Clamps?

Steel cable is a strong, flexible bundle of steel wires wound around a core of more steel strands. It is used on cranes and tow trucks to lift heavy weights, as support cables for utility poles and... Read More »

Was John Roebling the inventor of steel cable?

John Roebling, a civil engineer from Prussia, moved to the United States in 1831. He invented steel cable while working on canal equipment. Steel cable made suspension bridges possible. Roebling de... Read More »