How to Repair Sofa Cushions That Need Filling?

Answer Sofa cushions often go limp over time and wear, causing the fabric cover to loosen and become more susceptible to tearing and harder to keep clean. The first step to repairing and maintaining the s... Read More »

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How long do sofa cushions last?

The life of a sofa cushion depends on the quality of foam used and the amount of wear on the cushion. Sofas in homes with overweight people or large dogs bear more weight, which shortens the life s... Read More »

How to Refill Sofa Cushions?

Wear and tear over the years cause sofa cushions to lose their comfort. The stuffing in cushions gets lumpy and becomes misshapen, ruining the cushions' appearance and function. Try beating the cus... Read More »

How to Fix Sagging Sofa Cushions?

A sofa that has cushions that sag is uncomfortable to sit on and ugly to look at. Before you throw the sofa out, try fixing the sagging cushions.

How do you prevent sofa cushions from slipping?