How to Repair Scuffed Alloy?

Answer Scuffed alloy refers to the wheels on your automobile being scuffed due to curb-checking or some other miscellaneous damage to the rims. This typically happens when cars or trucks are parked too cl... Read More »

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How to Repair Scuffed Rims?

The rims on your vehicle can become scuffed from driving too near curbs, or from debris on the road hitting them. Depending on the type of metal in your rims, scuffed areas can lead to rust or corr... Read More »

How to Repair Scuffed Leather?

Leather of all kinds requires regular maintenance, especially since even everyday things such as perspiration or body lotion can damage it. However, whether your leather is a pair of shoes, a purse... Read More »

How to Repair a Scuffed Shoe?

Keeping your shoes looking nice usually means just keeping them dirt free. However, occasionally shoes can obtain scuff marks that can't be wiped away in the manner than dirt can. When this occurs,... Read More »

DIY: Repair a Scuffed Plastic Bumper?

Bumper scuffs are common, and though they are more bearable than bigger dents and scratches, too many scuff marks on a bumper can become unsightly blemishes on the car's exterior. However, you can ... Read More »