How to Repair Rusty Floor Boards?

Answer Rust is like cancer for an automobile. When the floorboards of a vehicle begin to rust, you must catch it early or your floorboard will simply rust away. Once the structural integrity of the floorb... Read More »

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Can you tile over floor boards?

Yes but lay the recommended underlay first!

How to Insulate Floor Boards?

Wooden floors are pretty and add value to your home. However, even with carpeting on those floors your house can feel a little chilly. That feeling of coolness can be nothing compared to the amount... Read More »

How to Fix Loose Floor Boards?

Floor joists are pieces of lumber (usually 2-by-10 or 2-by-12 inches wide) that are placed standing on their side at certain intervals (usually 16 inches on center) underneath your floor. The floor... Read More »

DIY Polish Floor Boards?

Polishing your wood floor can make it look like new, brightening the entire room. Buffing your floor regularly protects your floor's finish. Use a floor buffer, which resembles a vacuum cleaner wit... Read More »