How to Repair Runs in Paint?

Answer Paint has changed greatly over the years. One of the major forces driving these changes is the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA's mandate is to protect the environment from the effects of p... Read More »

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How to Fix Auto Paint Runs?

Paint runs are created due to heavy applications of paint. When paint is applied too thick, it fails to adhere to the surface. You can follow a technique to prevent the paint from running in the fi... Read More »

How to Repair a Grass Trimmer That Only Runs in Choke?

The choke settings on a trimmer are manual controls that allow you to regulate the fuel and air mixture in the carburetor when starting the engine. The choke lever opens and closes a vent on the mi... Read More »

How to Get Runs Out of Clear Coat Paint?

A common mistake in spraying clear coat on a vehicle is running. Runs are accumulations of paint or clear coat that have enough mass to literally "run" down the body of the vehicle. These are typic... Read More »

How to Remove Runs in Automotive Paint?

Runs in the paint of a newly painted vehicle can be seen once the paint has completely dried. They are unsightly and can show up on almost any surface of the vehicle. Rather than sanding and repain... Read More »