How to Repair Rubber Auto Bumpers?

Answer As rubber ages it becomes hard and brittle. This makes it more susceptible to cracks, scrapes and other sorts of damage. Sunlight, road grime and debris and harsh weather conditions all have detrim... Read More »

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How to Repair Gouges in Rubber Bumpers?

Shopping carts, road debris and minor bumps from other vehicles can easily result in nicks and gouges to the rubber bumper on your car. Sunlight, temperature changes and aging also have detrimental... Read More »

How to Install Rubber Bumpers?

Good reasons exist for installing a rubber bumper on your car. A rubber bumper acts as a shield that will protect your paint job, absorb shock in an accident and protect your car from scratches and... Read More »

How to Paint Rubber Bumpers?

Even though the paint used on rubber bumpers is flexible, it will still crack and flake after most impacts, even minor ones. The sun also plays havoc on rubber bumper paint, bleaching it and making... Read More »

How to Repair New Car Bumpers?

The new car bumpers of today comprise the bumper cover, or "fascia," which is designed to absorb the first impact during a collision by bending. Sometimes, however, the bumper fascia is smashed so ... Read More »