How to Repair Reversed Telephone Lines?

Answer Telephone lines carry around 48 volts D.C. when idle or off the hook. Line voltage goes up to 90 volts A.C. every time the telephone rings. Touch tone phones generate electronic signals and have to... Read More »

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How can I get three telephone lines in my Home?

It depends on what size inside wire comes into your house. They used 2 conductor lines for many years and when computers became popular, the smart builders used 5 conductor inside wire.If you have ... Read More »

Are telephone lines required in new houses?

No, telephone lines are not a requirement for new houses. At any given time a homeowner can request the installation of phone lines, but phone lines are not a requirement to be up to code. A compan... Read More »

How to Install CAT 5 Residential Telephone Lines?

Category 5 or Cat-5 refers to a type of network cable used for telephone as well as computer network lines. It has four pairs of color-coded copper wires twisted together to prevent cross-talk and ... Read More »

Who chooses the music for telephone help lines?

i know they really should be shot!!!press 0 then* the systems don't recognise this as a option and puts u to the front of the queue....