How to Repair & Replace CV Joints?

Answer Constant Velocity (CV) Joints provide the flexibility to the drive shafts in a front-wheel drive vehicle to transfer power from the transmission to the wheels. There are two CV joints for each fron... Read More »

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How to Repair Chevrolet U-joints?

Universal joints, or U-joints as they are commonly known, are found on any Chevrolet with rear-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. The u-joint is the connecting joint between the drive shaft and the tran... Read More »

How to Repair Ball Joints?

Replacing ball joints remains the same on both rear-wheel drive vehicles and front-wheel drive vehicles. On front-wheel drive there is one ball joint on the lower control arm as opposed to two---up... Read More »

How to Repair Furniture Joints?

The first step in restoring an old piece of furniture is to make loose joints solid again. It's better to use glue rather than nails or screws for this for two reasons. A piece of metal sticking in... Read More »

How to Repair 1998 Escort Axle Shafts & CV Joints?

The axle shafts and CV joints in your 1998 Ford Escort help to deliver the power to the drive wheels. One end of the axle is connected to the transaxle, while the other end of the shaft is connecte... Read More »