How to Repair Plastic Injection Molds by Welding?

Answer Plastic injection molds, the tools commonly used to manufacture plastic parts, frequently require welding repair. Such repair takes place either during manufacture, due to errors in machining or to... Read More »

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How to Polish Injection Molds?

Auto injection molds are made of lightweight aluminum, making them efficient to use and most affordable. One issue that comes along with the useful product is that it scratches easily. When tools a... Read More »

How to Make Molds for Plastic Jewelry?

You can make many different things out of plastic resin, including homemade jewelry. You will be able to make bangles and charms and make them in any color you want and even add glitter or a pearl ... Read More »

How to Make Hollow Plastic Molds?

You can use a vacuum form machine to make simple plastic molds. This machine softens sheets of plastic and uses a vacuum to mold it against an object, or "buck." Vacuum form machines are expensive ... Read More »

How to Remove Chocolate from Plastic Molds?

Making custom chocolates can be great fun. Melt the chocolate, pour it in a mold and let it set up, it's that easy...or is it? What if the chocolate doesn't want to be easily liberated from said mo... Read More »