How to Repair Paint Cracks in Bumpers?

Answer Plastic bumpers are designed to be flexible. The idea is that when they are "bumped" they have enough give and take to handle the blow and then pop back in place. Unfortunately, the theory may not ... Read More »

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How to Repair Scratches & Paint Plastic Bumpers?

It is difficult to avoid nicks and scratches on a plastic bumper. One reason for this is that the bumper's job is to protect the body of the car against damage. When a stray shopping cart rolls thr... Read More »

How to Repair New Car Bumpers?

The new car bumpers of today comprise the bumper cover, or "fascia," which is designed to absorb the first impact during a collision by bending. Sometimes, however, the bumper fascia is smashed so ... Read More »

How to Repair Car Bumpers?

The damage commonly associated with car, truck or sports utility vehicle bumpers include cracks, dents, scratches and cuts. To repair these damages, you will need a few basic tools that can be purc... Read More »

How to Repair Flexible Bumpers?

The flexible bumper on a vehicle is called the bumper fascia and is designed to protect the bumper bar and frame underneath the fascia. You must remove the damaged fascia to repair it. Repairs at h... Read More »