How to Repair My Bottled Water Cooler?

Answer As with any electrical item, a water cooler is subject to occasional problems. These problems can cause frustration, especially when the user expects to pour a cold glass of water, but can not. If ... Read More »

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Is Renting or Buying a Bottled Water Cooler Better?

Ethics courses exist in all U.S. chiropractic colleges, and emphasize standards for the industry. The American Chiropractic Association code of ethics, revised in 2007, upholds these standards for ... Read More »

Some of our water pipes are made of lead. Would it be wise to buy bottled water, the cheap types?

Lead pipes should have been replaced years ago. End of. It doesn't cost much to replace at least the pipes supplying drinking water.

Does softened water or bottled water effect plant growth?

It depends on the plant and on the klimate the plant originate fromSome orkids can only survive with softened water, others cant survive without alot of calcium in the water(tap-water) - and in a ... Read More »

Is pure distilled drinking water,bottled spring water?