How to Repair Minor Cracks in a Block Wall With Caulk in a Garage?

Answer Cracks in the exterior wall of your garage allow energy to escape and dirt in. They also provide entry points for bugs and other vermin. Repairing minor cracks in block walls is a straightforward p... Read More »

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How do I caulk cedar siding cracks?

Choosing the Right CaulkBuy a caulking gun that uses non-hardening caulk. Polyurethane works best for cedar siding, although polysulfide, acrylic and terpolymer rubber works as well. Look for caulk... Read More »

How to Patch Cracks in Garage Drywall Taping?

Most garages are not climate-controlled. With temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity, drywall tape can loosen from the wall surface and crack or bulge. While the tape does not hold drywa... Read More »

How to Caulk a Wall?

No matter how careful a painter you are, you'll find that the line between your wall paint and your floor trim looks slightly ragged and uneven after you're done. It's generally not possible to get... Read More »

How to Check for Cracks in an Engine Block?

Cracks in any engine are serious, and can lead to catastrophic failure if not discovered early and remedied. Cracks allow fluid and lubricant leakage into or out of engine parts they should not con... Read More »