How to Repair Minor Cracks in a Block Wall With Caulk in a Garage?

Answer Cracks in the exterior wall of your garage allow energy to escape and dirt in. They also provide entry points for bugs and other vermin. Repairing minor cracks in block walls is a straightforward p... Read More »

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How do I caulk cedar siding cracks?

Choosing the Right CaulkBuy a caulking gun that uses non-hardening caulk. Polyurethane works best for cedar siding, although polysulfide, acrylic and terpolymer rubber works as well. Look for caulk... Read More »

How to Repair a Tile Porch With Grout or Caulk?

Tile on a porch can look great and protect the structure from the elements, but it won't do either if the grout or caulk is compromised. In most circumstances, porch tile is grouted between the til... Read More »

How to Repair Fine Hairline Cracks in Concrete With Liquid?

Concrete is a sturdy material used in building foundations and structures. Although it is strong, it can crack at any time, often due to immense pressure. To repair the cracks, you need to make a f... Read More »

If muriatic acid seeped under a wall in a garage crawl space and the space was then sealed with Rustoleum paint could it be the source of a terrible odor on inside wall of the house and is it fixable?

Sounds like the muriatic acid didn't have the fresh air needed for it to evaporate. The papers I've read suggest neutralizing it (muriatic acid is a dilution of hydrochloric acid) with a baking sod... Read More »