How to Repair Internal Wireless Network Drivers in Win XP?

Answer Microsoft Windows XP provides robust support and features for connecting to wireless networks. However, wireless application files and registry settings sometimes get damaged or deleted by a sudden... Read More »

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What is an internal PCI 802.11g wireless network card?

A PCI 802.11g wireless network card is a piece of computer hardware that allows for a computer to connect to and communicate over a 802.11g wireless signal. PCI cards are plugged into PCI expansion... Read More »

Do I need an internal wireless network adapter to play my PlayStation 3 online?

The Sony PlayStation 3 does not need a wireless network adapter in order to play games online. The PlayStation 3 has an Ethernet connection on the back of the console. Use an Ethernet cable to conn... Read More »

How can I repair a wireless network connection?

If you haven't installed Service Pack 2 (SP2) for Windows XP, turn off the Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) and either install a software firewall program or use a router with a firewa... Read More »

I have a wireless network and a wired network. I want to extend my wireless range.?

Use another router, and best to use a new SSID and key. If a laptop has both wireless properly configured, it will switch to the strongest one.You could use a router as a switch/access point. Log i... Read More »