How to Repair Frozen Brake Pads?

Answer Seized brakes, also known as "frozen" or "stuck" brakes, can be frustrating to the car or truck owner. Frozen brakes prevent the vehicle from being used or could create a potentially dangerous road... Read More »

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How to Repair Front Brake Pads?

There are two primary types of brakes used on vehicles today, disc brakes and drum brakes. Disc brakes use two brake pads pressed against a rotor, creating friction, while drum brakes use two brake... Read More »

How to Repair Brake Pads on a Saturn 2000 SL1?

In 1990, five years after General Motors founded Saturn, the new automaker released its first two vehicles -- the SC and SL. The SC was Saturn's sporty two-door coupe, and the SL was the four-door ... Read More »

Ceramic Brake Pads Versus Asbestos Brake Pads?

Historically all brake pad formulations were based on asbestos. Health concerns over exposure to asbestos, combined with increased brake-system performance standards, have caused a decline in the u... Read More »

Ceramic Brake Pads Vs. Regular Brake Pads?

Metallic and semimetallic brake pads were once the only option for the automotive enthusiast, but ceramic and ceramic composites are starting to dominate the industry. Ceramic pads solve many of t... Read More »