How to Repair Foggy Headlights?

Answer Fogged headlights result in dimmed light or scattered light resulting in reduced overall visibility. Fogged lights result from either condensation on the interior of the light, or external damage t... Read More »

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About Foggy Headlights?

Foggy headlights can create dangerous driving conditions. Check the headlights on your vehicle. It may be possible that they only need a quick wash, but if the fogginess seems to be permanent, thi... Read More »

How Does a Car's Headlights Become Foggy?

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How to Fix Foggy Headlights?

Before 1980, car headlights were made from glass, but today they're made from plastic. Over time the plastic headlights get foggy, making it hard to see where you're going at night. Many people spe... Read More »

How to Fix Dull & Foggy Headlights?

Dull and foggy headlights may look unsightly on your car, but they're also dangerous. One of the most common causes of dull headlights is a dirty headlight cover. Headlights can also oxidize. The ... Read More »