How to Repair Fogged Plastic Headlight Lenses?

Answer The headlights on cars are arguably the most important pieces of equipment on our vehicles, allowing drivers to see and be seen for greater roadway safety. Over time, however, road dirt and debris,... Read More »

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How to Repair Plastic Headlight Lenses?

The plastic on your car headlights can get scratched, or turn yellow and cloudy over time. This is not only unsightly, but can cause your lights to be dimmer than they should be, creating a danger... Read More »

How to Repair a Fogged Car Headlight?

Headlights fog as a result of moisture being present inside the headlight chamber. The fogging occurs when water in moist air condenses on the interior surface. Moisture enters the headlight chambe... Read More »

How to do Headlight Restoration on Plastic Lenses?

Headlight restoration can make plastic lenses look as good as new, making driving easier and safer. Plastic headlight lenses can yellow and haze from UV rays and weather; this occurs gradually and... Read More »

How to Polish Plastic Headlight Lenses?

When plastic headlight lenses become cloudy, car owners may look for a simple solution. Cloudy headlight covers can diminish the driver's visibility, which can be a road hazard. If you can't afford... Read More »