How to Repair Fiberglass Fenders?

Answer Fiberglass fenders can be an expensive fix if you have to order a brand new one. An easier route is to do the repair yourself. Almost all fiberglass fractures or even holes can be repaired in a qui... Read More »

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How to Paint Fiberglass Fenders?

If you want to personalize your vehicle with painted designs, you could start with painting the fenders. Of all vehicle parts, the fenders seem to be overlooked. Nowadays, automotive materials use ... Read More »

How to Build Your Own Fiberglass Fenders?

Being in a fender bender can cause a lot of frustration and financial burden. However, you can alleviate some of the financial burden by doing the repairs yourself. You can build your own fiberglas... Read More »

How to Repair Car Fenders?

If a fender on your car has been damaged, the amount of work to repair it will depend on the damage. The exact tools needed to repair a fender dent, like the size of the hammer or if you need a ham... Read More »

How to Repair & Shape Car Fenders?

A fender is the metal part of a car above the front wheels. Because of its location, a fender is often the first thing that sustains damage in an accident. Fixing a dented fender is a challenging t... Read More »