How to Repair Engine Knocking?

Answer If your vehicle is experiencing excessive shaking and vibrations, this points to a serious problem. There could be multiple reasons for your engine vibration, some of which may signal inefficiencie... Read More »

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What to Do if You See a Check Engine Light After a Knocking Noise?

When the "check engine" light turns on in your car, you might be conflicted about what to do. After all, engine problems are nothing to ignore. However, this light doesn't always mean there's a pro... Read More »

How to Stop Engine Knocking With Lucas Oil Stabilizer?

How to stop engine knocking in just a few easy simple steps. You, yes you can do this at home. Although this does not stop knocking in all cases, it will help to extend the life of ANY engine, and ... Read More »

Why Is My Car Knocking?

That knocking noise under your hood probably isn't the sound of opportunity; it's either the sonic manifestation of uncontrolled explosions crashing together or that of heavy metal things banging t... Read More »

How to Fix a Knocking Rod?

A knocking engine rod is a sign of distress from the inner workings of your vehicle. There are several reasons why an engine rod would begin to knock. Some are easy fixes others require extensive w... Read More »