How to Repair Deck Boards?

Answer Maintaining your deck is important for the safety of family and guests. Deck boards weather over time and can begin to degrade if the finish wears. Small areas of rotten deck boards can be repaired... Read More »

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How far apart should deck boards be?

The general rule of thumb that applies to spacing deck boards is to use the width of a large nail--about ... of an inch. The boards will shrink as they dry out, expanding the gaps.Source:Building a... Read More »

How far apart should screws be on deck boards?

Screws on a standard 2-by-6 deck board should be about 4 inches part across the width of the board and 16 inches apart along its length, if the boards are laid on typically spaced joists. Keep scre... Read More »

What is the width between deck boards?

Typical spacing between deck boards is 1/8 inch. Many builders will place a standard 16d nail in between boards for uniform spacing. When using pressure-treated lumber, boards may be placed edge to... Read More »

How to Space Deck Boards?

Building a deck can make your outdoor living space more enjoyable and usable; providing a space to look over open space and enjoy barbecues and gatherings. When building a deck, you need to space t... Read More »