How to Repair Damaged Rubber Around My Car Window?

Answer Rubber trim is commonly used around car doors and windows to help prevent outside elements, such as rain, from getting into the vehicle. Over time, this trim can become damaged and begin to peel of... Read More »

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How to Remove Spots From Rubber Molding Around a Truck Window?

Spots occur on the rubber or flexible plastic molding around car and truck windows because of the porous nature of the material. Vehicle owners sometimes use no protectant on this molding, leading ... Read More »

How to Repair Rust Around a Window on a Car?

Metal is prone to rusting. The primary role of car paint is to create a barrier between the car's metal and everything in the atmosphere that comes into contact with your car. Rust begins in little... Read More »

Does renters insurance cover a window mounted air conditioner that fell out of the window and damaged the building?

It might. there might be some argument if the company is picky over the installation of it. If it was there when you moved in the building owner has to deal with it.

How to Fix Car Window Rubber?

The rubber weather stripping that surrounds your car windows keeps moisture out while keeping the heat and air conditioning inside where it belongs. Age, sun and accidents can all damage this prote... Read More »